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Ewires - Adobe XD Wireframe Kit or Elementor users


The first and best Adobe XD Wireframe Kit For Elementor users.

Create hi-fidelity, professional wireframes in minutes, with the first-ever, professionally made, high-quality, Wireframe Kit For Elementor.

Special Pre-Order Price: Only 59$ 39$​

Don’t miss the chance to get a Lifetime license for less.

How it works:

1. Choose from widgets, templates or pre-made layouts

2. Combine and plan new websites in minutes

3. Change or Add content, and finalise the design!

The smart way of planning websites

Kit Features

The Perfect Wireframe Kit For Elementor users.


Elementor Widgets

Look-A-Like Wireframes for all of Elementor’s (Free & Pro) Widgets - inside adobe xd!


Container layouts

Ready-made Sections for lightning-fast Wireframing!



Site Templates for a full website creation with Elementor Pro.

Buy once, get updates forever.

E-commerce, Dark mode, 3rd Party Plugins, Widget Variations and much more is planned for future development. And you get full access to all updates - with a one-time purchase of Ewires - The best Wireframe Kit For Elementor users.

Special Pre-Order Price: Only 59$ 39$​

Made for elementor

Ewires solves the most common problems of creating wireframes inside XD, by having all of the widgets - inside XD! Anything you plan, you can build.

Flexible and versatile

Built for creative minds, with Ewires you can change anything from colors to fonts, plan from scratch with widgets, or use pre-made containers.

User experience

Ewires is created with the highest level of user Experience in mind. Every widget and container is planned with optimal use, and industry standards.

Full License

You can Use everything you create commercially, with unlimited team members and projects. Ewires is made for Web creators of any size.

Buy once, own forever.

When you purchase Ewires, you get updates forever. No monthly/yearly subscriptions, no limits. The kit is Instantly available for download after payment.

Adobe XD Features

Our Wireframe Kit For Elementor, Uses all of XD's advanced features.

Organized and Neat

find exactly what you need, fast. With a neat and organized style guide that will help you start on the right path.

Global settings as assets

XD’s Assets panel works just like Elementor’s global settings. We created everything to fit to Elementor - for a smart workflow.

Widgets as components

We recreated all of Elementor's widgets inside XD - as Components! Just drag and drop a widget, make changes and you’re done.

Mobile layouts

Responsiveness is crucial for a website’s success - Every widget, container and template has a Mobile version.

Responsive and editable

Use XD’s awesome auto responsive resize, all of the elements in this kit are responsive - where possible.

Stack and Padding

The kit is built using XD’s Stack and padding features, so you can make changes easily, while keeping the design flow accurate.

8pt Vertical Rhythm

This kit was created with the highest design standards in mind, By using the 8px vertical rhythm - for consistency and accuracy.

Design system

Ewires includes a Design system, so you can easily change the entire design - in a few clicks. Colors, Fonts, Components and more.

Free Fonts & Icons

This Kit uses ‘Poppins’, a free google font, and ‘Font awesome’ which is also being used inside Elementor - For a perfect workflow.


The first and best Adobe XD Wireframe Kit For Elementor users.

+132 Widgets

+130 Container Sections

+40 Templates

XD Features

Interchangeable Design System

8pt Vertical Rhythm

Desktop & Mobile

Google Font Compatible

Font Awesome Compatible

Purchase once - get all updates

Special Pre-Order Price: Only 59$ 39$​

Ewires Wireframe Kit (Pre-Order)


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Frequently Asked Questions

You have Questions, We have answers!

Ewires is 90% ready and still in development. We give a special price for our early users and will update you via email as soon as it’s ready!

In that time, you are guaranteed 100% Full refund. Your pre-order gives us the power to create the best kit out there.

After you complete the purchase and download the file, just open it with XD and you’ll have everything up and ready.

Yes! This kit comes with a commercial license, for unlimited users and unlimited product creations. For more info visit the License page.

Yes, this kit is build with flexibility in mind. Using XD’s components, character styles and assets – you can customize it to your needs

Yes! Upon purchase, you’ll be added to our mailing list. We will send and email every time there’s an update.

A lot! Woocommerce, Dark Mode, Popups, 3rd party plugin Widgets,  Figma support and much more. With your purchase you’ll be supporting any future developments!